Future Leaders Declare 2020 Vision as Zurich handed baton to host next One Young World

David Jones

The countdown to One Young World 2011 was launched today when the baton was handed from London to the city of Zurich as the new host for the global youth forum.

The Seven Hills team joined client One Young World at the launch, which announced a host of world leaders as Counsellors for One Young World including Fatima Bhutto, Sir Bob Geldof, Muhammad Yunus and Mo Ibrahim.

Zurich won a competitive bid to host the event and is expected to welcome over 1,500 young leaders who will convene in the city in September 2011. The event, which has been described as the ‘young Davos’, is expected to provide a landmark opportunity for young world leaders.

Today’s launch kicks off a year of activity and a central pillar of action in the Zurich Declaration, a vision for change over the next ten years. As one of the leading communications teams behind the launch, Seven Hills organised media presence and invited Edward McMillan-Scott, Vice-President of the European Parliament, to speak at the event.

The Declaration lays out an agenda calling on global corporations to ‘do well by doing good’ and will boost the UN International Year of Youth launched this summer by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.

Just this week three One Young World ambassadors delivered their petition to Ban-Ki Moon, outlining their demands on the Millennium Development Goals. Ajarat Bada, Nigeria, Catherine Peter, South Africa, and Bogdan Gogulan, Russia are leading a campaign called The Missing Millennium Development Goal, an inspiring worldwide petition for Millennium Development Goals to recognise a new goal: “Ensure Interfaith Collaboration for Peace”.

One Young World ambassadors have made presentations this year to The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) forum in Rio De Janeiro, The World Youth Conference in Mexico and the United Nations International Day of Peace in New York.

David Jones (pictured), One Young World co-founder and Global Chief Executive Officer of Havas Worldwide, said:

“Young people are more influential in world affairs than they have ever been. Technology is the enabler and organization is the driver. The young are today’s digital natives and the world’s largest corporations and governments need to listen and take action now.

“Today we launch the road to One Young World 2011 and the Zurich Declaration is a confident and optimistic call for constructive action.”

The Zurich Declaration demands changes in fields from leadership to global health from governments and corporations. The consequences could be an ‘e-volution’ of social media action to expose and champion commitment levels.

David Jones will deliver The Zurich Declaration directly to Ban Ki-Moon’s office at the United Nations in October this year.

  • The UN and EU to create positions for business leaders by September 2011
  • All governments to have non-bias media policies in place by 2020
  • All political candidates and leaders to make clear their stance on human rights
  • All multinational corporations to have a “Whistleblower’s Charter” for all employees

Young activists pledge to engage one million Facebook campaigners

One Young World Ambassadors also set out their goal today of mobilising one million Facebook users to support the Declaration, pledging to lobby companies and governments for change.

Oscar Morales, the One Young World counsellor who mobilised 12 million people on Facebook to protest against Columbian communist military organization, Farc, will be spearheading the campaign. He said:

“Armed with technology and passion for a cause, young people are a force to be reckoned with. One Young World already has 10,000 Facebook supporters – we will rally together one million impassioned young people to campaign for change.”


The Zurich Declaration builds on the resolutions agreed at the inaugural One Young World summit in London in February 2010, which attracted over 800 young leaders from 112 countries.

To find out more about One Young World visit their website at www.oneyoungworld.com and follow them on Twitter @OneYoungWorld