One Young World explorer becomes youngest to trek to North Pole multiple times

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17-year old polar explorer Parker Liautaud has become the youngest person to trek to the North Pole multiple times, completing his latest expedition across the Arctic Ocean a week ahead of schedule.

Seven Hills has driven the media campaign around Parker’s expedition as a One Young World explorer.

The expedition was profiled on CNN’s Connect the World on 12 April 2012.

Parker, who is a One Young World ambassador, was the first to reach the North Pole out of the eight teams that set off from Svalbard on 5 April. They trekked across 112km of snow and ice and arrived at the Pole after just six days.

An avid environmental campaigner, Parker collected snow and ice samples throughout the expedition, which was the first ever stable isotope analysis of North Pole snow.

The research is being distributed by the International Atomic Energy Agency to thousands of scientists around the world and will be used as a call to action on governments to work harder to reduce CO2 emissions.

At the One Young World summit in Pittsburgh this October, Parker will present the findings from his research to the 1,500 delegates that will travel from all over the world, to highlight the effects of global climate change on the environment.

Seven Hills is spearheading the media campaign for One Young World, which takes place this year from 18-22 October 2012.