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15 of the best #changemakers2018 tweets

On 24 April we hosted 35 inspirational speakers and 200 attendees across six hours of packed content, to showcase the businesses and individuals driving positive change.

If you weren’t able to make it down to Bloomberg’s European Headquarters for the event – or if you did and just want to live it all over again – here is just a selection of the best tweets and memorable moments from #changemakers2018

1. A powerful discussion between Paul Lindley and Kerry Kennedy was preceded by an impactful video on what Kerry’s father set out to achieve, and what Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights continues to do in his memory.

2. Seven Hills were delighted to award the Change Maker 2018 award to Bethany Koby, founder of Tech Will Save Us who has boosted educational opportunities and tech accessibility to young people. She was presented with the award by HRH Princess Eugenie of York, and introduced by Lord Young of Graffham.

3. Seven Hills joined with Global GoalsCast to bring a fascinating conversation between Edie, HRH Princess Eugenie of York and Julia de Boinville on how to tackle modern slavery.

4. In conversation with Alastair Campbell, Clearly founder James Chen made the case for putting poor vision at the top of the global agenda.

5. Sacha Romanovitch, the first female CEO of a major accountancy firm in the UK, illustrated Grant Thornton’s work in creating a vibrant economy that works for everyone.

6. As Dame Helena Morrissey puts it – there is always more to do, but it’s vital to make a start, as her 30% Club demonstrates.

7. #valuable founder Caroline Casey and Channel 4’s Dan Brooke spoke with Nick Giles about the importance of bringing disability into the conversation of inclusion in business.

8. One Young World announced a return to its London origins for its tenth anniversary in 2019, with a specially recorded message from the Prime Minister.

9. Jude Kelly delivered an important message on celebrating the impact of women throughout history and continuing to work for equality.

10. Two of Grant Thornton’s Faces of a Vibrant Economy, Mahamed Hashi and Solomon Smith, spoke with Sacha and Michael Hayman on the importance of big businesses making a wider social impact.

11. Two change makers in Caroline Casey and Hannah McCollum came together at the event to celebrate inclusion and sustainability.

12. Renée Elliott summed up the mood of Change Makers saying when she gets angry, she doesn’t moan but starts a business. It’s this determination which so many of our change makers hold, and inspires many others

13. As coding and digital skills become as important as basic literacy, Mariéme Jamme and IAMTHECODE are trying to give marginalised girls educational chances she never had.

14. “If you’re only fishing in half the pond, you’re only going to catch half the fish.” Secretary of State Matthew Hancock makes the case for reaching out to a wider talent pool, in order to help Britain become a change making digital hub.

15. And finally, what better way to sum up an inspirational event like Change Makers than with this excellent photo montage from Sophie Eden, co-founder of Gordon & Eden.

To find out who else spoke at the event and more on Seven Hills’s commitment to Change Makers, go here.

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