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a toast to change: tristram stuart on capital conversation

Tristram Stuart is brewing up a storm in the business world, as he looks to save our environment by turning breakfast into beer.

Tristram has been a long-term environmental campaigner, particularly on the topic of the UK’s enormous food waste, and speaking to Michael Hayman on Capital Conversation, the Toast Ale founder discussed the importance of environmentally conscious businesses:

“We waste at least a third of all of the world’s food, and bread is one of the most wasted ingredients,” he explains, adding that Toast Ale is here to change that.

“Beer was invented by the ancient Mesopotamians to convert bread, grains that would otherwise be wasted. So we’re bringing beer back to its roots and using it to solve one of the modern day’s biggest environmental and social problems.”

But as Tristram says, the brand’s success lies in the fact that “first and foremost it is just a damn good drink.” One of the first bottles of Toast Ale was tasted by none other than Jamie Oliver who described it as ‘bloomin’ lovely’, and it has since won international awards.

A supporter of the Extinction Rebellion, Tristram is passionate about changing the face of business by creating an economy that is in line with the needs of the planet. He wants everyone to join the sustainable party he’s at, rather than the environmentally damaging one corporations have spent so long hosting.

“It would be preposterous to be optimistic about the planet’s future,” he says. “The facts on the ground are that the trajectory is still accelerating in the wrong direction.

“However, the fact that the chances are so small is why we all need to be up on our feet, whether we are bankers or activists, shouting and screaming to change the system.”

Watch the full episode here.

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