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1 March 2023

NatWest FutureFit brings together leaders to discuss the opportunities of sustainability

17 January 2022

small business charter appoints michael hayman as chair

27 November 2020

scottish quantum pioneer, m squared, secures landmark £32.5m in new financing

2 October 2020

AW2020 kicks off in Europe before shifting to the US

1 October 2020

Bump supports social distancing at 2020 Virgin Money London Marathon

28 September 2020

IEP Launches IMPACT20: The National Conversation Podcast tackling some of the biggest issues facing our nation

14 September 2020

Entrepreneurs are an asset to grow. The government must give them time to thrive

22 July 2020

TALES OF OUR TIME: Inspired by Bond, Michael Hayman tackles Operation Lockdown

5 June 2020

Cephas Williams launches new campaign to remember victims of racist violence

15 May 2020

Tharsus develops cutting-edge social distancing system to support return to work strategies

1 May 2020

seven hills launches change makers podcast

23 April 2020

TALES OF OUR TIME: In unprecedented times, the one thing we can all do is pay it forward

9 April 2020

seven hills lends support to masks for nhs heroes campaign

9 March 2020

Human ingenuity and working together will pull us through the coronavirus crisis

17 February 2020

seven hills appointed lead communications partner for inaugural good business festival  

13 February 2020

future proofing london’s economy report launched at wood wharf

31 January 2020

The right idea at the right time: parkrun, Seven Hills Academy Session

30 January 2020

young enterprise shows there’s no time like the future

29 January 2020

The new Downing Street team can’t afford to ignore business

23 January 2020

Scotland House asks: ‘Is Scotland a Tech Nation of the Future?’

13 January 2020

Founders need the stamina to run a marathon, not a sprint

20 December 2019

strava celebrates ten years in sport with ‘year in sport’ report

19 December 2019

This is a political renaissance — but can British business adapt?

11 December 2019

visionary philanthropist james chen awarded honorary degree by university of bath

9 December 2019

Scotland House event: Innovating for Success

3 December 2019

Farewell to a decade of seismic change and existential anxiety

21 November 2019

Business cannot afford to sleep through this election

21 November 2019

bgf premiere portfolio day 2019 in leicester square

18 November 2019

seven hills celebrates the change makers with the u.s. embassy  

25 October 2019

j.k. rowling calls for an end to orphanage tourism at one young world

24 October 2019

unmind appoints seven hills to lead workplace mental health campaign

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Access your free chapter now

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