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Beamery research finds workers hunt salary increases during cost of living crisis

Almost half (47%) of UK workers say bonuses and salaries are not rising enough to compensate for the increasing cost of living, according to the latest Talent Index research from Beamery, the leading talent lifecycle management platform.

In a shift of opinion from Q3 2021, when 1 in 4 workers cited a desire for work-life balance as their top priority, 55% of respondents now say that an increase in salary will be what helps them determine whether or not they stay in their current role.

Another valuable area for businesses to invest in is talent mobility. Eager to develop and learn new skills, UK employees are starting to take up gig jobs within their organisations. 35% of men, and 22% of women, said they have already taken on an internal project within the company they are employed by, whilst 67% overall said they are considering doing so. 

Abakar Saidov, Co-Founder and CEO at Beamery, said

“The shift to hybrid work has clearly brought many benefits, but it has also created unforeseen issues like an always-on culture. Employers should be mindful of this and encourage managers to take a more proactive role in determining best practices that work for the business, the teams and the individual. 

Adopting a skills based approach to filling new roles and opportunities within the business, for example, leads to increased interest and understanding from staff on the value of internal movement across departments. Encouraging employees to be part of new projects that will boost their skill-sets will also increase levels of motivation and commitment. The Great Resignation has, in part, been driven by an employee’s lack of fulfilment from their work but talent-focused businesses are in a powerful place to proactively tackle this issue.”


Seven Hills is proud to be supporting Beamery and the publication of its employee retention research, which has been covered by the likes of Business Insider and London Loves Business

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