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Bloomberg Business Innovators 2016

bloomberg launches the inaugural uk business innovators 2016

This week saw the launch of the Bloomberg Business Innovators 2016 initiative, an inaugural programme that celebrates the most innovative UK businesses, that are fundamentally changing the way the UK lives, works and thinks.

Seven Hills worked with Bloomberg UK on crafting a list of companies that epitomise the vibrancy and diversity of the UK business scene.

Bloomberg enlisted a judging panel formed of leaders of finance, technology, social enterprise and fast growth sectors to form a final list of Innovators

The final list comprised of 53 firms, all under 10 years of age, that spanned all sectors and fell into five key categories of change:

  • Changing Industries: Those driving sector-wide change, from finance to healthcare, retail to manufacturing;
  • Changing Lifestyle: Those transforming the good things in life, from how we eat to the way we travel;
  • Changing the Environment: Those changing the world around us through social and environmental impact;
  • Changing Thinking: Those changing the way we think about the world and how we engage with it; and
  • Changing the future: The businesses fundamentally impacting the world we will experience tomorrow.

Nate Lanxon, Head of European Technology Editorial, Bloomberg said: “The UK is a global powerhouse of innovation and growth. With such a wealth of talent and drive, we wanted to curate a network among the business leaders who epitomise the vibrancy and diversity of the UK business scene.”

The Bloomberg Business Innovators for 2016 include: M Squared Lasers, Bloom & Wild, Deliveroo, DueDil and Graze. To view the full list and a profile of the people behind these break through enterprises, please visit

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Access your free chapter now

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