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Caroline Casey: It’s time for the disabled community to take centre stage

Disabled consumers are crying out for more representation–and by responding to these demands, the entertainment sector has the power to lead the way in acknowledging the importance of recognising this underrepresented community’s ability to dictate trends.

Caroline Casey, founder of The Valuable 500, writes about how the industry needs to work together to end the stereotype of a community that is helpless and marginalised in her latest article for Fortune Magazine.

The media industry holds the power to showcase the untold talents of the disabled community – but it’s the entertainment sector that will be key to their popularity. Around 15% of the global population live with a disability, whereas only 2.8% of characters in American television series this year were disabled, according to a study by GLAAD.

Authentic portrayals of disabled individuals not only provide a snapshot of the potential successes they can achieve but also deliver a profound and practical impact reaching far beyond the confines of the stage.

“It’s now high time for noble intentions to translate into meaningful next steps.”

Read Caroline’s full article here.

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