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Elevate the positioning of Advertising Week Europe as a champion of the UK’s creative industries and their contribution to a strong and vibrant economy.


Seven Hills has led the press operation for Advertising Week Europe since 2015.

The week-long annual gathering of advertising, business and technology industry leaders takes place at Picturehouse Central in Piccadilly and explores the challenges and opportunities facing the creative industries: from data security and trust, to talent development, creativity and diversity. Speakers have included leaders from the world’s biggest digital brands – Facebook, Google, TikTok, Snap and Microsoft – media, and politics.

Highlight sessions from previous editions of the event include: US Vice President Al Gore map out the role brands can play in tackling climate change; Brexit campaigner Gina Miller setting out the legal challenge she led against the government; Salma Hayek on social media has helped tackle sexual violence and age discrimination; former World Heavyweight Champion David Haye share his insights on making the perfect comeback; and rugby coach Eddie Jones on building a winning mindset.

“All of us at Advertising Week are proud to put the spotlight on the amazing women in our industry – and we’re committed to celebrating their achievements to help set the tone for the future.” – Ruth Mortimer, the Global President of Advertising Week

AWE_Square Image_1150x1150 Left
Ant & Dec speak at AWE London 2022
AWE_Square Image_1150x1150 Right
Matt Scheckner, Global CEO, Advertising Week


Advertising Week Europe has consistently received in-depth coverage in mainstream business and news outlets.

The event has generated front-page headlines throughout the globe in publications such as the FT, The Guardian, The New York Times and BBC News, and set the agenda of prime-time television shows across the likes of Channel 4 News, ITV, BBC News at Six, Sky News and CNN.

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Access your free chapter now

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