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Beamery’s mission is to create equal access to work. Leveraging an AI-powered Talent Graph – an industry first – its Talent Lifecycle Management platform helps organisations quickly identify and acquire top talent, move the dial when it comes to diversity and inclusion, close key skill gaps and retain top performers.


Seven Hills leveraged Beamery’s acquisition of Flux, a US-based AI company, into feature coverage in Fortune.

Beamery’s bespoke ebook on the most prominent issues in the talent acquisition space – its Whitepapers – provides a key thread of the communications programme, positioning Beamery as an industry thought leader.

Beamery’s quarterly Talent Index, meanwhile, continues to be a topical look at the most important concerns among office workers, repeatedly covered by Business Insider and other business outlets. The Talent Trap – a Beamery’s employee retention research – launched simultaneously and Seven Hills secured coverage in City AM and key HR trades.

“The shift to hybrid work has created unforeseen issues like an always-on culture. Employers should encourage managers to take a more proactive role in determining best practices that work for the business, the teams and the individual.” – Abakar Saidov 

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Beamery's 'The Talent Trap' report 2022
Abakar Saidov_Beamery CEO
Beamery's Co-founder and CEO Abakar Saidov interview with London Live


Seven Hills has successfully positioned Abakar Saidov, Beamery’s co-founder and CEO, as an expert commentator and thought leader in the fields of Human Capital Management, HR tech and talent management, with regular commentary across BBC Worklife, Fast Company, Quartz, Diginomica, and London Live.

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Access your free chapter now

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