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To amplify Dell Technologies’ “The Next Now: Accelerating tomorrow’s innovation today” thought leadership platform with C-level executives.


Seven Hills delivers over six events a year and an array of thought leadership content for Dell Technologies leading on event management, stakeholder communications, content drafting, and production. 

Dell Technologies Forum 

Seven Hills curates the plenary session and executive dinner at their flagship event, Dell Technologies Forum, at Magazine London. The event draws over 1500 technology sector leaders for Dell’s biggest annual event in the UK. Seven Hills curates an agenda of technology leaders and inspirational keynotes.

DTX Manchester and DTX Europe

The objective of the DTX Manchester and Europe events is to share the ‘Accelerate from ideas to innovation’ messaging framework with C-level, decision maker, and technology user audiences. This includes leading project management, liaising internal and external stakeholders, and curating Dell’s speaking slots and fringe events to deliver insightful and engaging content pre, during and post-event.

Executive Networking Forum

Seven Hills works with Dell to deliver an annual Executive Networking Forum held in London. In 2023 this was ‘Technology’s Role in Our Sustainable Future’. Leading on the event curation, production, speaker and guest acquisition, Seven Hills supported in securing over 100 senior leaders from a range of medium-sized and large organisations. This provided a forum to discuss how technology can help make
progress towards bigger outcomes faster, together.

“Any idea, big or small, can turn into innovation that fosters growth, improves efficiency, and drives productivity.” – Steve Young, Dell UK SVP and MD

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These events and activities have resulted in lead generation and new net pipeline opportunities for Dell Technologies while landing their Ever Forward brand messaging among priority audiences.

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Access your free chapter now

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