Summit-2015-landscape-02751GROWTH BRITANNIA 2015

Trading Place: Britain’s Role in the Global Economy

Britain has experienced an unparalleled level of business creation in the last five years. Trading Places: Britain’s Role in the Global Economy, the new report from Seven Hills and the second in its Growth Britannia series, looks at how that foundation of enterprise activity can be built upon. Can the UK realise the scale-up opportunity and build a new generation of world-beating businesses? Is there a new economic role for Britain in the fast-changing global economy?

Featuring contributors ranging from the US Ambassador to the UK, Matthew Barzun, to digital pioneer Baroness Lane-Fox and star investor Eileen Burbidge, Growth Britannia maps Britain’s commercial role and relevance in the light of the recovery from recession, the increasing stock of fast-growth companies and the influx of venture capital to London from around the world.

From the rise of new industries such as fintech, to the revival of the UK’s manufacturing potential, and the global position of London, the report highlights high potential commercial sectors and opportunities for Britain, and looks at how the British economy can prosper in an increasingly global, inter-connected and digitally-driven world.




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