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Innovate Finance is the industry body for UK fintech, accelerating the evolution of financial services. The organisation is reshaping financial services globally – from start-ups and scale-ups to global corporates and established institutions.

Innovate Finance is amplifying the reach of fintech and showcasing innovation by connecting regulators, financial services firms and government, both in the UK and internationally. It is helping to create a global financial services sector that is more transparent, more sustainable and more inclusive.


Seven Hills has worked with Innovate Finance since 2015, helping to deliver all aspects of its flagship event during UK FinTech Week – the Innovate Finance Global Summit (IFGS). At the annual Summit, a packed agenda features leading CEOs, industry experts and government ministers, resulting in top tier coverage across the key new outlets.

Beyond supporting the work on the Summit, Seven Hills also leads a comprehensive press agenda for Innovate Finance, positioning its CEO Janine Hirt as one the most prominent commentators on the UK’s fintech scene.

“Innovate Finance would like to see a more diverse Fintech Industry in terms of gender, ethnicity, and social-economic background. This would not only be important in terms of inclusion but also help to address talent shortages.” – Forbes

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Janine Hirt, CEO of Innovate Finance, speaking at IFGS
Innovate Finance photo
The Innovate Finance Global Summit


Seven Hills has ensured Innovate Finance is the leading voice of UK fintech, positioning it as a vibrant, powerful and effective network which brings together members of the diverse fintech community for the benefit of the sector as a whole.

Press office activity has focused on CEO profiling, commentary on the latest developments and news in the fintech space – including Innovate Finance’s contribution to the Kalifa Review – and spotlighting insights and data findings from the Innovate Finance member community.

This has led to significant presence for Innovate Finance across national and international media, including The Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Times, Forbes, City AM, Bloomberg, Sky News and the Guardian.

The Innovate Finance Global Summit
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