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Hexagon powers the dynamic companies that move the world. Embedded in the innovation that shapes the future, their technologies are used to manufacture 90% of aircraft, 75% of smart phones and 95% of every automobile produced worldwide.

Sixth Sense is a new open innovation platform enabled by Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. It brings scaling start-ups together with Hexagon’s world-class customer base to accelerate progress and solve real world problems.


Launched in January 2022, Sixth Sense invites proposals from scaling start-ups with a big idea that addresses the pressing demands Hexagon’s customers are facing – from sustainability to robotics to AI integration.

The most innovative proposals are invited to pitch to Hexagon’s panel of industry experts, with a select number chosen for an intensive innovate-on-the-job scaling programme.

The winning companies are then provided with the resources for true globalisation, including funding, worldwide office space, access to Hexagon’s full suite of products and services and incorporation into Hexagon’s ecosystem and exposure to Hexagon’s coveted customer base.

Seven Hills worked with Hexagon to launch Sixth Sense, supporting on all aspects from conception to activation: from messaging, brand development, to stakeholder engagement, digital content, and the curation of the inaugural Sixth Sense Pitch Day and Demo Day events in London.

“Sixth Sense is a revolutionary approach to the traditional accelerator, designed as an exchange of value between Hexagon and the start-ups, providing more than just theoretical training.” – Paolo Guglielmini, President, Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division

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Milan Kocic, Head of Sixth Sense, speaking at Demo day, May 2022
_AC19788TobaccoPB HR-2022
Demo Day advisory panellists Dr Ben Farmer, Innovate UK and Elaine Warburton, entrepreneur and investor


Seven Hills has helped to build Sixth Sense’s profile across the manufacturing, start-up, and investment community in the UK.

For its first challenge, launched in January, the platform has been overwhelmed with applications from companies around the world.

The first challenge culminated in a Demo Day at Tobacco Docks. It saw the seven companies that made up the first cohort pitch their business to an advisory panel of investors and industry experts and was broadcast to a hybrid audience of over 400 attendees.

In creating a thriving, vibrant innovation ecosystem, Hexagon is not only powering the next generation of innovators, but also inviting cultural change that will make it more agile and able to push the boundaries of design, manufacturing and engineering.

Sixth Sense winners RIIICO with the Sixth Sense team, Demo day 2022
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Access your free chapter now

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