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Strava’s mission is to connect athletes to what motivates them and help them find their personal best by joining the largest sports community in the world. It was founded in 2009 by Michael Horvath and Mark Gainey, friends who were nostalgic for the camaraderie and competition they experienced as teammates in the Harvard rowing team.


Seven Hills is the UK communications partner for Strava and works to raise the profile of the organisation by telling its business growth story, positioning the brand as a leader within its industry and releasing fascinating insights from its global community of athletes.

In recent years, this has included overseeing tours with senior executives in the UK and releasing Strava’s annual report – Year in Sport – as well as supporting key business milestones and product announcements, such as the partnership with the iconic Tour de France race.

Seven Hills has been beating the drum for Strava in the sports and athletics press, and articulating the company’s knowledgeable position on macro issues around fitness and wellbeing, the power of social networks, and safety and infrastructure.

Most recently, Seven Hills has led Strava’s collaboration with This Girl Can for their ‘Make your comeback’ campaign, designed to support women who have taken a break from exercise in their return to activities they love. The campaign has already generated over 400 stories. 

In addition to press office activity, Seven Hills has supported the delivery and execution of the annual Year in Sport event – which brings together industry thought leaders, campaigners and athletes to discuss annual trends. The event has featured the likes of Surfers Against Sewage, Parkrun, On Running and the Greater London Authority.

“Finding motivation and seeking out a like-minded community has always been at the core of what Strava is about.” – Teddy Page, Strava UK

Source: Strava
Strava_Saturday 5K-10
Runner from the This Girl Can 'Make Your Comeback' campaign 5k run


Seven Hills is supporting Strava’s continued growth in the UK, positioning the company as a thought leader on issues relating its global athlete community – from fitness and wellbeing to mental health, pollution and the development of public infrastructure. This has included a range of coverage secured across national broadcast, print and online publications – including the likes of The Times, The Guardian, Reuters, BBC News, The Financial Times, The Independent, Sky News, The Evening Standard and Wired.

Source: Strava
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