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celebrating international women’s day

On International Women’s Day, Seven Hills is delighted to share a selection of the most recent campaigns led by the change making women we work alongside.


Small business campaigner Michelle Ovens launched f:Entrepreneur on International Women’s Day 2017, with the goal of celebrating the dynamic and inspirational businesses led by women in the UK through events, content and story-telling.

Now in its third year, for 2019 f:Entrepreneur revealed the inaugural #ialso Top 100, a list of female entrepreneurs who not only run a business, but also juggle other responsibilities.

This week, the #ialso Top 100 were hosted for a reception at the House of Lords, which you can read about here, and you can see Michelle’s thoughts in The Times on how women can re-define what it means to be a successful entrepreneur.


Kate Roberson has been campaigning to achieve the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for almost a decade as co-founder of One Young World, and continues to work towards this with the Global Goals List, in partnership with Vanity Fair.

The list honours 17 leaders, each of whom represent one of the SDGs. Included in the list is Amanda Nguyen, a campaigner for stronger legislation to protect the survivors of sexual assault and rape, honoured for her work towards SDG five, gender equality.

Read more about the Global Goals List here and see the full list on the Vanity Fair website.


Following 18-months of campaigning, Caroline Casey put disability inclusion on the main-stage business leadership agenda at Davos for the first time, where she announced the creation of The Valuable 500, a global initiative to enlist 500 of the world’s biggest businesses and business leaders in addressing the issue.

Research from #valuable an EY found that disability inclusion is an issue still absent from the majority of boardroom-level discussions, with Caroline also premiering DIVERSISH, a short film challenging these attitudes.

To see more on Caroline’s achievement, read here.

If you are interested in joining our team and becoming involved in campaigns such as f:Entrepreneur, The Global Goals List, #valuable and many more, see our careers page.

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