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Cephas Williams launches new campaign to remember victims of racist violence

Seven Hills is proud to support Cephas Williams, founder of 56 Black Men, on his new campaign ‘Let’s Not Forget’.

‘Let’s Not Forget’ is a powerful visual campaign that launched across the UK this week, featuring the names of black victims of racist violence in the United States, including George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery.

It comes in response to their recent tragic killings with the simple message that we must not forget those that have lost their lives and simply move on.

‘Let’s Not Forget’ is the latest campaign from Cephas Williams following the widespread attention he has generated around 56 Black Men over the past two years. It seeks to challenge racism against black communities and provide a striking reminder of the African Americans who have lost their lives unjustly.

Clear Channel – which has supported Cephas Williams and 56 Black Men since 2019 – is displaying the ‘Let’s Not Forget’ campaign across digital billboards nationwide.

Cephas Williams said: “This has been a watershed moment surrounding racism and the black community. By creating the ‘Let’s Not Forget’ campaign, I am trying to harness some of this rise in the level of consciousness and awareness and use 56 Black Men as a vehicle to further inform people and usher in the much-needed change. Let’s Not Forget is just the start.”

Seven Hills is supporting Let’s Not Forget, securing opportunities to raise awareness of the issues the campaign seeks to address. You can watch the interview that Cephas gave to Sky News here.

56 Black Men, which launched in 2018 featuring the message “I am not my stereotype”, seeks to change the narrative around how black men have been portrayed in the media in the UK for decades.

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