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​​Change Makers podcast collaborates with Mr & Mrs Smith to explore future of travel

The Change Makers podcast has launched a new eight-episode series in collaboration with Mr & Mrs Smith, the travel club for hotel lovers, looking at the changing nature and responsibilities of the travel industry, in the face of COVID-19 and the growing climate emergency.

Each week, host Michael Hayman will virtually visit a double act behind one of Mr & Mrs Smith’s most innovative and sustainable partner hotels from around the world. From the UK to the US, South America to South East Asia, each hotel has been founded with an ethos of doing things differently; whether in their ground-breaking designs, their stunning locations or most importantly, their commitment to the planet.

In the wake of the pandemic, the series offers a chance to explore the future of an industry in disruption, looking at what awaits travel in the ‘new normal’ and how it can become greener in light of the growing climate emergency.

This is the latest partnership announced by the Change Makers podcast since launching in April 2020. Since then, it has released almost 100 episodes in its weekly series that sees Michael speak to people with a passion to delve into what makes them tick and the joy, difference and contribution that empowers them to bring to the world.

James and Tamara Lohan say:

“In what has been an incredibly challenging 18 months for travel and hospitality, we think it is more important than ever to be a hotel lover. But while it would be easy to hope the pandemic’s impact is in our rear-view mirror, we cannot be blindsided by the next great challenge of climate change. At a time when these two generational issues are coming to a head, we wanted to have the conversations that matter with the people who are making a difference and showing what a sustainable future for the industry can look like.”


Michael Hayman adds:

“This is a series crafted around hotels and the fascinating double acts who have created and curated unique experiences for their guests. For the listener, we hope to offer a glimpse into these amazing places and that they get a sense of the passion and joy behind each hotel. But while it has been a thrill for me to drop in on these very special places, at a pivotal moment in the climate emergency, this series comes with a more important message about the need for a better and greener travel industry. These are just a few of the hotels leading the way and I cannot wait to share their stories.”


Visit to join the journey around the world in eight episodes.

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Access your free chapter now

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