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Cher launches animal rights campaign Free The Wild at One Young World 2017

Cher officially launched her international animal rights campaign Free The Wild at this year’s One Young World Summit in Bogota. The campaign focusses on freeing animals kept in captivity or transferring them to better equipped zoos.

It was launched at a press conference in Bogota today – hosted by Seven Hills co-founder, Nick Giles – and attended by over 40 correspondents from international titles and local Colombia media.

Cher described how her mission began when she came across an elephant in captivity in Islamabad zoo called Kaavan. Cher worked with Mark Cowne, CEO of Kruger Cowne, to raise awareness of the elephant’s plight at last year’s One Young World Summit. Since then, Kaavan’s rescue has been arranged.

Seven Hills is the lead communications partner for One Young World and has just returned from Bogotá for the eighth annual Summit.

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