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cher rails at trump at one young world 2016

The artist, Oscar-winning actress and global megastar Cher addressed the 2016 One Young World Summit in Ottawa this week, as she launched a campaign to help save animals in captivity. In conversation with broadcaster James Chau, Cher first turned to politics, declaring that she was ‘traumatised’ by Trump and that the damage he will do to the U.S. will last for 40 years.

The singer also criticised the Democratic nominee Clinton, saying that ‘millennials don’t trust her’, but saved the bulk of her venom for ‘The Donald’. Following the political opening, Cher and Chau turned to animal cruelty, with the star launching the #FreeTheWild campaign for entrapped and enslaved animals.

Seven Hills is in Ottawa this week, as the global communications partner for the seventh One Young World Summit.

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