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Chris Blackhurst

chris blackhurst leads media pitch masterclass at seven hills hq

Seven Hills was fortunate enough to welcome former editor of the Independent, Chris Blackhurst to the office yesterday evening. The team listened avidly as Chris shared his captivating career story, explaining how he made the transition from city lawyer to editor of a national newspaper.

Chris outlined his top tips for those in the PR sector, providing his dos and don’ts for the perfect pitch. He revealed the golden word that every journalist wants to hear – exclusive – and also shared a more unexpected piece of advice: ‘never walk past a printer without lifting the lid’ (as the next breaking news story might be sitting underneath!). There was also an opportunity for the team to ask Chris any burning questions, which were met with his honest, candid, responses.

The masterclass provided an invaluable opportunity for the team to gain an insight into the world of journalism from one of Britain’s leading journalists, making for a fascinating end to the working day.

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