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City Harvest London Chief Executive Laura Winningham joins Michael this Sunday

Wall Street trader turned charity leader Laura Winningham remembers when she first stepped onto the scene at the Grenfell tower fire.

“It was very disturbing; the tower was in the background burning and the people helping us offload the truck had family members [inside.]”

Laura is Chief Executive of City Harvest London, the first food-based charity to respond to the disaster.

Her experience is a main topic of discussion on Capital Conversation as Michael’s latest guest this Sunday.

The charity provides the missing link between businesses and the Capital’s hungry, so that surplus food – as Laura puts it ‘can go the last mile’.

“It’s a charity, but I run it like a business, it’s very efficient, we’re responsive, we’re about customer services”

Laura also talks about why she chose to leave New York City to battle food waste in London.

A battle that will not be won easily, “I think we can win the war on waste, but we still have to address poverty in London.”

Tune in to London Live this Sunday at 5.30pm to watch.

Watch the trailer here.

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