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club at the ivy: does britain have talent?

Do millennials place purpose above a pay-cheque in their list of workplace priorities?

This question formed the basis of Seven Hills’ first panel of the year at The Club at The Ivy, chaired by Seven Hills co-founder Michael Hayman, with experts; Pip Jamieson, founder of The Dots; Saj Jetha, founder of The Smarty Train; writer, speaker and intergenerational expert Dr Eliza Filby; and Founder and CEO of Bright Network James Uffindell.

Millennials will make up 77% of the workforce by 2025, and Pip emphasised the need for employers to understand the work-life balance this generation demands: “A happy team is a productive team and I think corporations have forgotten that.” 

But with the Edelman Trust Barometer finding public trust in business to be as low as 56%, Eliza argued that people are placing their confidence elsewhere: “The most disruptive thing that’s happened in recent years is family. At a time of institutional distrust, it’s the one institution we still believe in.”

This was the latest debate in Seven Hills’ breakfast series with The Club at the Ivy. In October, Dame Helena Morrissey joined Michael to discuss changing opportunities for women in business. You can read the summary here

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Access your free chapter now

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