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Cocoon Networks London Launches with Inaugural China-UK Hi! Technology Festival

Cocoon Networks London officially launched yesterday, with the inaugural two-day China-UK Hi! Technology Festival. Cocoon Networks is Europe’s first Chinese capital-backed, international, startup ecosystem.

As part of Cocoon Networks ecosystem, the newly opened London branch will provide 70,000 sq. ft. of office space for promising startups in the technology and creative industries.

Day one saw industry leaders, entrepreneurs and partners from both China and the UK gather at the new home of Cocoon Networks in Finsbury Square. Guest speakers included Tech London Advocates founder Russ Shaw, representatives from the Chinese embassy and ChinaEquity Investment Group. Today, Cocoon Networks and the University of East Anglia’s Adapt Lower Carbon Group will announce the Mulberry Green Fund – established to invest in British green-tech startups that have the potential to scale in China.

The launch event was covered by Tech City News, China Daily and Xinhua News.

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