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vonage partners with yorkshire post to debate digital growth

Vonage yesterday brought together an inspirational group of business leaders, entrepreneurs and advisers alongside the Yorkshire Post. The group were tasked with considering how to harness the digital economy to unlock the potential of Yorkshire’s businesses.

Each founder spoke of their experiences of Stepping Up out of their back bedrooms or (in one case) a rented cupboard! Ryan Ward, co-founder of Office Monster, emphasised the importance of “dressing for work and being ready for work”, he said renting an office space was a large part of that mentality. Rashmi Dube, founder of Legatus Law, discussed her experiences of finding ample space in city centres for tech or creative start-ups but not many for professional services.

An important theme of the discussion was connectivity. Each founder has had particular successes and failures in setting up connections and networks through traditional methods of cold-calling and joining small business networks such as the BNI and the LEP. Viv Parry, founder of Be Amazing Ltd. Was enthusiastic about the collaboration power in co-working spaces and wanted to urge small businesses to move towards collaboration rather than simple exchange.

Vonage created the Home Business 100 in 2016, a community and campaign that champions UK home businesses, showcasing their economic contribution and seeking to understand the challenges these businesses face. Seven Hills has been proud to support Vonage since the community’s launch.

Last year, Seven Hills worked with Vonage on Unlocking the UK’s Home Business Potential, which details the untapped potential of the home business community in this country. To read more about it go here.

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