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dell technologies hosts mental health awareness week event

This Mental Health Awareness Week, Dell Technologies and VMware hosted Well-being and Mental Health in a Redefined Workplace, an event exploring the technologies and trends impacting the future of well-being and how we protect our mental health as organisations return to workplaces redefined by the past twelve months.

Hosted by Michael Hayman on digital platform Tame, the event brought together an expert panel including Barbara Harvey, Managing Director, Accenture Research, Dr Nicholas Prior, Psychiatrist for the NHS, Margarete McGrath, Strategic Propositions Global Lead, Dell Technologies and Melinda Lee Ferguson, VP of UK&I, VMware. Attendees gained practical insights into the future of work, the importance of well-being, and changing workplace technology covering topics including:

The Redefined Workplace: what could it look like and how do we adapt to foster a culture of creativity, effectiveness, and balance to accommodate shifts in work practices?

Well-being and Mental Health: how has the pandemic impacted well-being and how can organisations respond?

Leveraging Technology: how can it provide the resources for a redefined workplace, and how can it help organisations safeguard the health and well-being of employees and customers?

You can catch the on-demand version of the event here.

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