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Emma Willis MBE joins Michael on Capital Conversation this Sunday

Emma Willis MBE, shirt maker and founder of Style for Soldiers, joins Michael this Sunday on Capital Conversation.

The conversation ranges from Emma’s early days selling clothes door to door, to her proud roots and the come-back of ‘Made in Britain’ – Vogue laudes her brand as ‘inimitable English style’, to her charity: Style for Soldiers.

Commenting on her work with injured veterans, which includes supporting them with smart clothing, walking sticks and reunion events, she speaks passionately:

“You go back to Headley Court [rehabilitation centre] and think ‘that’s the crème de la crème of our country’…we should be looking after them into their next careers”

She also discusses her current exhibition in Pall Mall, showcasing the artwork of some of the service personnel she supports: Art in the Aftermath.

Tune in to London Live at 5.30pm this Sunday to watch.

See the trailer here.

Learn more about the exhibition here.

See more of Emma Willis here.

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