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finnCap takes AIM High to Cambridge

finnCap, the investment broker, took its AIM High campaign to Cambridge yesterday, to celebrate the ambitious entrepreneurs, AIM-listed CEOs and financial ecosystem driving growth in the city.

The Summit, delivered by Seven Hills, began with Sam Smith, finnCap’s CEO, outlining her vision for future growth in Cambridge and emphasising the depth of talent making the city one of the UK’s hubs of innovation and success.

Marcus Stuttard, the head of AIM at the London Stock Exchange, delivered a keynote speech sharing his perspective on 2017’s investment potential for fast-growth businesses.

Michael Hayman MBE, then moderated a series of panels with CEOs, advisors and industry leaders. The CEOs of Oracle Coalfield and Ubisense told their stories of listing on AIM and the challenges and opportunities they faced using the market to raise growth capital.

As John Bridge OBE, the chief executive of the Cambridgeshire Local Enterprise Partnership, said, ‘Aim for AIM’ to ensure growth and success.

The Summit was part of an on-going campaign launched by finnCap last year to celebrate innovative and fast-growing businesses and start a conversation with the financial institutions, advisors and entrepreneurs at the heart of the UK’s scale up renaissance.

AIM High, Cambridge-3263

AIM High, Cambridge-3377

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