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gradventure winner meets octopus ventures

‘Always be confident, believe in your vision and make others believe it too.’ That is the advice GradVenture winner Lukas Ondrej gave those wishing to follow in his footsteps. The young entrepreneur recently won the Crowd Pleaser award at GradVenture, the new pitching competition held in collaboration with the University of London and Seven Hills.

‘Events like GradVenture are absolutely invaluable when it comes to honing your entrepreneurial skills and getting feedback,’ he adds. ‘No matter what stage you’re at, from the atmosphere, to the judges to the new connections, it’s a massive opportunity not to be missed.’

Lukas won the award with his pitch about ‘Focus’ – a specialist software that helps designers manage their projects. Part of his prize was a mentoring lunch with Octopus Ventures Investment Associate Zoe Chambers. Together, they spoke about how to plan a roadmap to success and taking professional motivation from your personal goals.

‘Zoe is extremely inspiring, full of great ideas and motivation. It was a pleasure to speak to her,’ says Lukas.

Seven Hills is proud to support young entrepreneurs and help Lukas on his entrepreneurial journey. To find out more about this year’s GradVenture, click here.

Access your free chapter now

Access your free chapter now

Chapter 1 outlines the concept of mission and how the breakthrough brands of today have succeeded by building a mission that inspires belief, generates a following and instils a purpose beyond profit.