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Great Hill Partners’ invests $190 million in European tech

This week, Seven Hills launched a mammoth deal in European tech with TechCrunch announcing Great Hill Partners’ investment of $190 million to merge Finland’s Leadfeeder and Germany’s Echobot.

Together the companies have some 8,500 customers, with an emphasis on working with companies in Europe. Leadfeeder focuses on providing tools to help companies understand who is coming to look at their tech on the web to provide better insights into who to target for sales and marketing opportunities. Echobot, meanwhile, is another company building tools to source B2B sales leads and better target teams’ sales efforts.

The new AI-powered sales intelligence and go-to-market platform will target new opportunities in Europe and the US as online becomes the primary sales channel following the pandemic.

“Europe is not one country but many, and there are differences between them, whether it’s to do with culture or data compliance. Having a platform that is unique and linguistic-specific, and serving its markets with high-quality data, is a differentiator.” – Derek Schoettle, Great Hill Partners

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