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harwell campus hailed a ‘central hub’ for the global space industry

Saturday morning saw a Soyuz capsule carrying Major Tim Peake and two other astronauts touch down in central Kazakhstan. The safe return of UK’s first government-funded astronaut signals a giant leap in the development of our space industry.

Seven Hills has been working with Harwell Science and Innovation Campus in South Oxfordshire to help raise the profile of UK science, and the pioneering work that makes Britain a global research superpower.

Major Tim was very quick to praise the innovation at the 710-acre site; “Harwell Campus is really important. It is really a central hub in the UK of what we are doing in so many areas in our space centre – it is a very exciting place to visit.”

As the UK’s space gateway and the home to the UK Space Agency, the European Space Agency, as well as around 60 startups working in the space technology field, Harwell spokespeople had a busy day celebrating Major Tim’s return, with comments in the Daily Telegraph, BBC News Online, BBC Radio Oxford, Oxford Mail and the Oxfordshire Herald Series.

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