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Hope springs eternal: Gi Fernando MBE on Capital Conversation

Entrepreneur and investor Gi Fernando MBE joins Michael on Capital Conversation this Sunday.

Starting where it all began, he describes his entrance into entrepreneurialism and how spring boarding off selling health insurance door to door led to his success.

Looking ahead, the Freeformers Founder suggests we need to change our thinking on how we work in order to adapt to an AI world.

“There’s a whole other set of skills – how you behave, ways of working, ways of collaborating, your attributes… what’s called soft skills, which now come at a premium.”

He warns technologists must take more responsibility in this era.

“Anything to do with software, computing curricular, anything – you need to be thinking about the ethics and the unforeseen circumstances of history where technology has created a problem.”

Watch the trailer here.

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Access your free chapter now

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