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Horizons Roundtable: The now, near and next of cyber security

Seven Hills and Level39 welcomed a host of public and private sector experts to Canary Wharf on Monday morning to discuss the now, near and next of cyber security.

At One Canada Square, representatives from the UK, Estonian and South Korean governments sat alongside academics, legal experts and start-up founders to explore an issue that threatens growth and innovation.

The conversation focused on the importance of cultural change: raising awareness and empowering employees to better understand the nature and extent of cybercrime.

Guests underlined the importance of collaboration in the fight against cyber crime, citing partnerships as key to facilitating shared information and best practice.

Attendees at the roundtable included: Head of Cyber Security Growth & Innovation at the Cabinet Office Rosalind Redfern MBE, Jack Lemon from London Digital Security Centre and CTO and co-founder of Digital Shadows, James Chappell.

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Access your free chapter now

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