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Dr Mona Mourshed: How can European employers address the skills gap?

According to the Office for National Statistics, there are currently 1.294 million job vacancies in the UK – and around 1.25 million people unemployed.

Dr Mona Mourshed, Global CEO of Generation, speaks with Forbes’ Trevor Clawson to discuss how European employers address the skills gap, and offers advice for small companies on attracting skilled people. They talk about how to switch up from traditional recruitment strategies, and how to create openness to diversity and inclusivity in recruitment.

Generation works with employers to establish whether or not there are vacancies for certain skill sets. Once that’s been established, a cohort of students is assembled, comprised of people who might otherwise struggle to find a route into well-rewarded employment. Initially, the focus was young people, but now the program embraces adult learners. Trainees may only have a secondary education or they could already have degrees. The common factor is that they don’t have the required skills.

“The goal is to give our graduates mastery of the skills they will require” – Dr Mourshed

Read her full interview here.

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