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jacana begins fight to tackle chronic pain

Seven Hills is delighted to be leading the global media launch of Jacana, the pioneering global medical cannabis business.

Jacana produces certified medicinal cannabis, grown on a 4.4 million square foot farm in St Ann’s, Jamaica.

It provides natural alternatives to manufactured pharmaceuticals for chronic pain and suffering, which affects half of all UK adults and 1.5 billion patients worldwide.

Last week the company announced it had completed the first ever legal global export of Jamaican cannabis, with the news that it has raised $20 million to fuel its international expansion and build on its existing presence in Europe, North America and the Caribbean. 

Investors include venture capitalists Eileen Burbidge, Mich Mathews-Spradlin and Bill Tai.

Seven Hills worked with Jacana on announcing its export and investment, gaining coverage for founder and CEO Alexandra Chong in Sky News, The Observer, The Sunday Times, Evening Standard, The Times, The Daily Mail and City AM.

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