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james chen launches global campaign ‘clearly’ to help the world to see

This week, Seven Hills client James Chen launched a new global campaign – Clearly – with the aim of unlocking the next revolutionary technology to improve access to vision correction in the developing world.

The campaign seeks to address the problem of poor vision, which is the number one unaddressed disability in the world. Today, there are 2.5 billion people around the world suffering from poor vision, with no means of improving it – equal to the population of China, India and Japan, combined.

Poor eyesight is also a crucial impediment to economic growth in developing countries, currently costing the global economy $3 trillion a year.

Lead by Hong-Kong based investor and philanthropist James Chen, Clearly aims to galvanise government leaders and NGOs, and bring together innovative businesses, technologists, specialists and doctors, to find a solution to this global problem.

The campaign will begin with an Entrepreneur Challenge, offering $250,000 USD in seed funding for technologists, supply chain experts, data scientists and forward thinkers with the best, most innovate solutions to improving access to vision correction.

Throughout the year, a number of curated ‘Clearly Labs’ will bring together the world’s leading innovators, for one day events held in global markets like India, China and Silicon Valley, to generate new approaches, ideas and practical solutions to global vision.

The campaign will conclude with a unique global event, convening some of the best minds in the world, to develop a final strategy.

Seven Hills led the international press launch in Hong Kong this week, securing coverage with outlets such as Bloomberg Radio, CNBC and the South China Morning Post.

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