Jessica Buckley

Campaign Executive

Jessica is a Campaign Executive at Seven Hills

Jessica moved to the UK from Ireland, and is working across a range of accounts for Seven Hills, providing input on media relations, campaign delivery and event planning. She supports clients within the technology industry such as Net Purpose and Symphony, while also working with businesses in the social purpose space including Generation, Bambino Mio and Ella’s Kitchen.

She graduated with a First Class Honours from the Limerick Institute of Technology where she received an MA in Social Practice and the Creative Environment. It was during this time that she became an advocate for human rights, particularly the protection of women and girls in Ireland, campaigning significantly for the successful repeal of the Eighth Amendment in May 2018.

Jessica has previously studied Art and Fashion and has 10+ years of experience in Brand Management in the fashion retail industry, working with both large-scale fast-fashion brands on their journey towards positive change, and smaller independent businesses championing sustainability and socially engaged design through their concept building, manufacturing, and promotion of their brand.

She enjoys painting in her spare time which she shares on her dedicated Instagram account and artist website.