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successful delivery: joe wicks and timo boldt on capital conversation

Entrepreneurs are known to dine out on their origin stories. For The Body Coach Joe Wicks and Gousto co-founder and CEO Timo Boldt, those tales share a remarkable ingredient: both started out by delivering their products personally. In Joe’s case it was fitness classes, while for Timo it was the very first Gousto food boxes.

The pair joined Michael Hayman on Capital Conversation last night to discuss health, business, and the partnership that delivered an £18 million investment round for Gousto in January 2019.

Best known as The Body Coach, Joe Wicks is a best-selling author, fitness expert, former teacher and now investor having put his money into the food delivery start-up last month.

Delivering 1.5 million meals a month, and with a mission to advocate for healthy eating, family cooking and limiting food waste, Joe says Gousto was nothing less than the perfect partner, “I said to Timo when I met him: if I could build the perfect business, it would be Gousto.” Adding, “I don’t just want to be given a fee and walk away in six months and that’s it, I really want to be part of this in the next five to ten years, to grow something together.”

Gousto has raised £75 million since foundation in 2012, which has mostly been used to accelerate growth by investing in its technology. Looking at ambitions for the future, Timo outlined a view far beyond kitchen counters, “We are a data company that happens to trade in food.”

Watch the full episode here.

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