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LeadersIn Tech Summit: Headline event of London Tech Week 

“It’s not enough to just connect people, the connections have to be positive; it’s not enough to give people a voice, we have to make sure that voice isn’t used for disinformation or to hurt.”

Facebook VP Steve Hatch set the tone for day two of London Tech Week with an early morning keynote that focused on how tech firms must try harder to build trust with their customers.

Billed as ‘Data in the new era of trust’, the summit featured representatives from Slack, Microsoft, Snap, Ogilvy and 02.

Speakers and guests alike spoke optimistically about the capital’s future as a global hub of technology, but warned the human experience and benefit should not be lost amidst the progress.

Jo Bertram, 02’s UK Chief Digital and Strategy Officer, ended the day with a keynote addressing what today’s technological advancements mean for tomorrow.

The Times and The Sunday Times hosted the event, with Seven Hills co-founder Michael Hayman in charge of proceedings. London Tech Week continues, to find out more, go here.

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