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Leap before you look: Dame Helena Morrissey at The Club at The Ivy

“As women, we tend to hold ourselves back by always looking ahead – you should try to leap before you look.” City boss Dame Helena Morrissey giving her advice to ambitious leaders this morning in the latest edition of The Club at The Ivy breakfast series held in partnership with Seven Hills.

Drawing on her experience as a successful business leader in the city, Dame Helena spoke of how her approach to work changed after coming back from having a baby. Instead of trying to fit in with her all male team, she found a new job in a smaller, more entrepreneurial firm and found a mentor. “It’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help, it’s a sign of stubbornness – a sign of strength,” she said.

The Head of Personal Investment at Legal and General Investment Management heads up the GIRL Fund – the first fund with the specific aim of investing in the success of women  – and the 30% Club – the campaign to place more women on FTSE-100 boards.

But should we be aiming for 50%?

“It wasn’t about squeezing more women on to boards, it’s about changing the thinking of what it takes to be a good board director,” said Dame Helena.

A key voice in the Leave campaign in 2016, her views on Brexit remain clear: “I don’t regret the referendum, but I regret what’s happened since”.

Dame Helena Morrissey also spoke at the Change Makers summit in April. Watch it here.

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