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Leapfrog Investments Features in Fortune’s ‘Change the World’ List

LeapFrog Investments has been ranked no.5 in Fortune’s annual ‘Change the World’ list, which aims to showcase the power of capitalism to improve the human condition. The list identifies for-profit companies that have made an important social or environmental impact through their profit-making strategy and operations.

Each year, Fortune looks for new companies with recent impact, with companies considered on the basis of three criteria: measurable social impact, business results and degree of innovation. The final list of 56 is selected and ranked by the editors of Fortune based on the magazine’s own reporting and analysis.

LeapFrog partners with extraordinary businesses in Africa and Asia to achieve leaps of growth, profitability and impact.

Fortune’s decision to place LeapFrog in its ‘Change the World’ list recognises the company’s ‘profit with purpose’ approach which sits at the heart of LeapFrog’s business model, generating strong results and changing many lives. Leading global investors share this vision and have invested and committed over a billion dollars to LeapFrog.

Today, LeapFrog companies reach 111.0 million people across 33 emerging markets. More than 93.8 million are emerging consumers, often accessing insurance, savings, pensions or credit for the first time. LeapFrog companies have grown 43.3% per year since investment and provide jobs and livelihoods to 114,626 people.

To view the complete Fortune ‘Change the World’ list, click here.

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Access your free chapter now

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