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lord bilimoria discusses uk spring budget on cnbc

Ahead of the Spring Budget announcement today, Cobra Beer Chairman Lord Bilimoria was interviewed live on CNBC International. He spoke about the importance of the House of Lord’s role in Brexit negotiations and his expectations for the Budget.
Last night saw a significant vote in the House of Lords – and record breaking attendance – when the House backed an amendment to ensure Parliament has a final say on the Brexit agreement.
Lord Bilimoria commented:
‘Parliament must have a full say in the upcoming negotiations. No one is trying to stop Brexit, we are simply trying to ensure all options are open as uncertain times lie ahead of us.’
‘This vote is going to help the UK government, not hinder it. The vote that was passed last week ensuring EU nationals have continued access is the moral thing to do. As a nation we must recognise the enormous contribution that three million EU nationals have made to this country.’
‘Morality is more important than political leverage. You can’t use people as bargaining chips. Whatever happens, we must ensure that we are acting in good faith and that is a positive way to conduct negotiations.’

The interview can be watched here

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