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Loyd Grossman joins Michael on Capital Conversation this Sunday

Broadcaster and food entrepreneur Loyd Grossman CBE joins Michael on the latest Capital Conversation this Sunday.

Former MasterChef presenter and creator of his own pasta sauce brand, the conversation ranges from Loyd’s love of food – “I always wanted to get into the food business!” – to his passion for using television to ‘democratise’ it.

“The idea of good food was really tied up with social class, we wanted to blow all that nonsense away and really democratise and popularise food.”

Moving onto his work with the Heritage Alliance, Loyd warns of the threats of Brexit to the cultural industry.

“If an income-based visa system is introduced – that will have a really damaging effect on the cultural industries… the culture sector is full of very highly qualified but often very low paid people.”

Tune in to London Live at 5.30pm this Sunday to watch.

See the trailer here.

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