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Michael talks Brexit dreams and nightmares on this Sunday’s special episode of the capital conversation

This week’s special episode of Capital Conversation with Michael Hayman will see a host of voices from previous editions of the programme providing their views on one of the biggest topics on the business agenda – Brexit.

Like the vote itself, our guests have been split between those who envisage a brighter future, and those frightened of what’s to come.

Dame Helena Morrissey is a dreamer:

“We have a lot of advantages, and yet we do ourselves down a lot. As we leave the EU, depending on how that is struck, we will have more degrees of freedom.”

June Sarpong MBE on the other hand, believes Brexit is a nightmare:

“If you look at what it’s going to mean for Britain in terms of our standing in the world, and if you look at the options that have been taken off the table for our young people, there is no way this thing was worth it.”

Tune in this Sunday at 17.30 to watch the full episode on London Live.

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