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Money talks: Monzo CEO Tom Blomfield on Capital Conversation

Tom Blomfield, the co-founder and CEO of digital bank Monzo, is Michael’s guest on Capital Conversation this Sunday.

Having attracted one million customers and a £1bn valuation in just over 1000 days, the conversation ranges from how Monzo paved its path to success, what it did to win strong customer loyalty, and delves into the recent news that users can ‘self-exclude’ from gambling transactions.

When asked about companies taking an ethical stance on business matters, Tom says, “If you build a company that has global scale, you have impact on the world. I think there’s a moral imperative to make sure that impact’s a positive one.

As for his advice to entrepreneurs seeking to emulate his fast growth, he says:

“I always thought that everyone can do something exceptional… just get started.”

Tune in to London Live this Sunday at 5.30pm to watch.

See the trailer here.

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