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NatWest’s FutureFit explores Technology, Sustainability, Talent and Supply Chains

Seven Hills joined NatWest for its latest FutureFit webinar, looking at the strategies that can help UK businesses prepare for the future––with a particular focus on key themes of technology, sustainability, talent and supply chains.

Moderated by broadcaster Sasha Qadri, we heard insights from Robert Begbie, CEO of NatWest Commercial and Institutional, on the key findings within the FutureFit research, followed by a conversation with Olympic legend Alistair Brownlee MBE on achieving your best performance, the parallels between winning in sport and winning in business, and what it was really like training and competing alongside his brother.

We also brought together an expert panel of founders from across industries to discuss how they have adapted their businesses to accelerate growth, hearing from Roni Savage, Managing Director of environmental and engineering specialists Jomas Associates; Brian Palmer OBE of advanced manufacturing and robotics firm Tharsus, Kim Innes of viral sensation Humble Crumble, and Michael Bateman, CEO of IT solutions provider Zenzero.

The webinar closed with a fireside chat with former CEO and founder of Jellyfish, Rob Pierre, who shared his learnings from starting, scaling and exiting a business he built from scratch––reflecting on how to build a team you can trust and how the job changes as you grow.

In case you missed it, you can watch the full webinar here:

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Access your free chapter now

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