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Net Purpose: Mobilising billions for sustainable investing

This week Net Purpose, the first independent fact-base for sustainable investors, has announced £10m in Series A funding.

The shift towards sustainable investing represents the largest transformation of capitalism the world has ever seen.

According to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, $120 trillion is committed to invest sustainably, with allocations growing at 22% year on year.

But it is still extremely challenging for investors to measure the performance of their portfolio against climate and other sustainable goals. Today, investors rely on a combination of reported and estimated data and ESG ratings, which often measure financial risk, not social and environmental return.

Net Purpose, which has built the only independent fact-base in the market and today powers close to $50 billion in sustainable funds, is looking to address this challenge – and this week announces it has raised £10 million in a Series A round led by ETF Partners, following a year of record growth.

Net Purpose has built an investment-grade fact-base of social and environmental performance, with the quality and transparency investors expect of financial data. The company provides data across a range of sustainability themes, including climate, water, waste, gender, financial inclusion, healthcare, and other social themes, and covers companies and all major investment indices.

The platform is powered by a combination of AI and human intelligence, which has helped Net Purpose to achieve the highest quality data in the market, and mobilise a crowd of next-generation analysts to ensure the platform evolves and aligns with sustainability standards.

The funding will be used to expand its product and team, and launch new features to arm all investors with a complete overview of their sustainability by 2025.

Seven Hills was delighted to lead the press campaign for Net Purpose’ Series A announcement. Read more about Net Purpose’s mission to make impact measurement effortless for all investors on TechCrunch here.

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