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New Strava initiative Strives to get more women in professional sports

Strava has launched its new initiative, Strive for More, a $1 million financial commitment over the next three years which aims to bring together athletes and fans to push for equity in women’s sports.

As the Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift kicks off for the first time in thirty-three years, Strava is focusing on getting more women to the starting line by teaming up with athletes, fans and organisations to show their support and take action. 

Many female athletes in pro sports such as cycling are holding down regular 9-5s to fund their careers. Statistics support how difficult it can be to get and stay in the sport–almost half of female pro cyclists work a second job or are supported financially by a family member to race in the road peloton. 

A closer look at the tiers of women’s racing show that 65 percent of Continental Team riders are working a second job vs. only 25 percent of World Tour Riders. As one of the first actions of ‘Strive for More’ Strava will help develop and support operations of The Cyclists’ Alliance through a new donation that will aid professional female cyclists during and after their careers. 

Zipporah Allen, Chief Marketing Officer at Strava, said

“As the largest sports community in the world we have a responsibility to ensure all athletes have access to the same resources and support that they need to achieve in professional competition.

“Strava is a starting point to provide greater connection and community for athletes through our platform, and we remain dedicated to doing more. As a proud sponsor of the Tour de France and Tour de Femmes avec Zwift and partner of The Cyclists’ Alliance, we believe in creating lasting change not only in women’s cycling, but also for women in a number of professional sports as part of the ‘Strive for More’ movement.”

Seven Hills is proud to support Strava on its continued campaign to support women in sports. Find out more about the ‘Strive for More’ pledge here.

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