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Ocean Generation goes Beyond a Click

Seven Hills went backstage at YouTube’s London studios to support the launch of Ocean Generation’s impressive  Beyond A Click; Hurricane Relief event.

The live streamed show highlighted the devastating impact of hurricanes Irma, Maria and Harvey in the West Indies, Puerto Rico and the other Caribbean Islands. The event raised money for the Rebuild and Barbuda Relief Fund, helping people affected by the recent catastrophic weather.

The event saw live performances from emerging artists including Jodie Abacus, Marlon Roudette, Joy Mumford, Loop and Trey Qua; powerful stories from people growing up in small islands where climate change is threatening livelihoods; and perspectives from experts including ocean expert Emily Penn, ‘Science from the bath tub’ presenter Matthew Shribman, UNOPS and Chris Hines, Co-founder of Surfers Against Sewage.

Beyond A Click with Ocean Generation aims to engage the most connected generation in history to go beyond an online ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ and think about their behaviours and attitudes and how they affect climate change. Using digital technology and creative artists, it aims to change how global issues are addressed and create a real, human forum for change.

Seven Hills is proud to support the cause. 

To watch the stream click here and click here to visit 

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