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The State of Identity and its impact on us

The state of identity is an issue as topical as it gets. This morning, Seven Hills co-founder Michael Hayman took part in hosting Onfido’s Identity Verification breakfast. The event explored the various options we have to protect our identity online. It also examined the opportunities and solutions for both customers and businesses alike.

With the recent Equifax hack — which affected most adult Americans – a prominent feature of discussion, guests came together to discuss how to effectively reduce the likelihood of any future recurrence. 

Other areas of discussion centred around the responsibility businesses have in handling our data properly, and whether biometrics really are the answer to all of our security woes.

The morning also included a five-minute demonstration of the latest Onfido tech, which aims to uphold security while ensuring the customer experience is not compromised…

We also heard from CEO and co-founder of Onfido, Husayn Kassai, and 10x co-founder Brad Goodhall. 

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